Justin Earl Brown, an articulate and effective communicator, is currently the senior editor for the online magazine, Linking Heights. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in communication from Old Dominion University. While there he focused on New Media Technologies, Film and Video Production, Electronic News, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and Business Management. In 2004, he received the University’s Dean’s List Award. Justin Brown is a former writer and photographer for the Old Dominion community newspaper, the Mace and Crown.

Up until March of 2009, Justin Brown served as an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Army Reserves.

Mr. Brown has been with CinsCore Communications since 2001, allowing him to practice the careful deployment of technical web and print processes.  More specifically, he has been critical in the firm’s ability to combine creative typography, marketing research, photography, and engaging copy to produce effective print and web designs. In the course of that work he has also become familiar with video production and editing standards, working extensively with various illustrative, layout, and photo-editing software packages to include Adobe’s Photoshop & InDesign.

Mr. Brown has long believed that at the heart-and-soul of any meaningful effort is solid research, analysis, & resource management. During his degree pursuits, he became well versed in the rigors of communication research and statistical analysis. An eight year U.S. Naval career found Justin responsible for managing many projects at once while supervising subordinate personnel groups. As a quick learner with an eye for detail, he often proves capable of simultaneously managing both people and resources.

Additionally, the Navy took Justin around the world, giving him the opportunity to meet and work with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. He believes that this broad exposure base adequately prepared him to work collaboratively to invoke awareness within most social and professional arenas! Whether it’s innovative ideas for communication, fresh perspective, or engaging editorial copy, his contributions represent the voice of positive leadership and change in America. 

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